Saturday, February 25, 2012


I Know; Long Time, No See! .....  Coming back, slowly but surely!

The following is a very interesting article from Reuters on the so called "covert" war in Iran as well as the comments I left in that publication.


Mousqueton Comment:

I sure hope they have it right this time! ... we have a very poor track record (victory parades after the invasion of Iraq) when it comes to interpreting the information and feedback as well as understanding the reality of the people and countries in this region. Not to mention that we are not humble enough to recognize that this area, as foreign and strange as it appears to us, was once the center of world knowledge.

It also seems like a good idea to sit back and meditate over the fact, supported by its perfect historic track record, that when it comes to “force” and “violence”, the "dialectic" principle of action and reaction in a never ending and ever growing spiral is indeed an absolute truth.

I am not a bright person and I certainly have no experience on international affairs and/or strategic issues. I do have though some good old common sense that tells me … when  against the wall, even the weakest enemy becomes a “Titan” not because he might win but because he could choose the self-destructing path of going out causing far more devastation than we are willing to endure.

I hate to think that I might wake up in the near future to a headline that reads something like this …

“Iran tested its first atomic bomb in the Strait of Hormuz ....  Deaths: None; Casualties: The World”. 

Do I have a perfect and bright solution? NO; but, I certainly hope that those in charge do!

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